🌐Comprehensive Intelligent Network Technology (Network)

Green Meta adopts a cloud-based comprehensive intelligent network, which includes capabilities such as 5G/6G communication, artificial intelligence, computing power, storage, and security. The architecture encompasses a hybrid network structure of centralization, distribution, and edge computing, making it a composite of intelligent edge-cloud-network.

• The 5G network possesses characteristics of high bandwidth, low latency, wide connectivity, and high reliability. Green Meta utilizes it to achieve broadband cellular connections and drive carbon reduction.

• Green Meta can be used by blockchain-enabled enterprises for real-time monitoring, management, and reduction of energy and resource consumption levels.

• The operational energy consumption of Green Meta's blockchain-enabled factories is estimated to be 24% lower than comparable buildings.

• Green Meta's cloud computing will accelerate the process of carbon neutrality and contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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