☘️Development Plan

Phase 1: Green Meta DAO Organization - Interactions

Keywords of this phase: DID, NFT, DAO

Through Distributed Identifier (DID) technology, you gain access to the highly secure identification and verification system of Green Meta Metaverse DAO Organization. You acquire a unique digital persona and NFTs, including Green Meta Trees, Land, etc. This grants you credentials such as carbon energy, carbon index, carbon points, carbon rights, enabling deep interactions and fusion between you and NFTs, you and credentials, you and the DAO organization, you and carbon-neutral environmental concepts, interactions among credentials, and the intersection of carbon-neutral initiatives and the metaverse. These interactions bring forth a new dimension to the Green Meta DAO Organization, establishing a solid foundation for the advanced Phase 2.

1. DID Identity Identification

DID: Decentralized Identifier, a new globally unique identifier used for individuals, vehicles, animals, and all things. It can be associated with files describing the target object through a DID URL.

Quantifiable Data Characteristics

DID possesses various parameters of an identity card, allowing you to manage your virtual identity through data.

Progressive Growth of Identity

DID identity cards exhibit characteristics of parameter variations and growth, gradually evolving into a more exceptional virtual self based on your contributions to the community.

Features of Web3 Domains

Web3 domains serve as the cornerstone of DID, providing four key functions: aggregating address and user account information, aggregating user data, accessing DApps supported by the domain, and serving as social account aliases. When the data collected by DID is extensive enough, it can be used as an independent domain, for example, to access APIs.

Personal Privacy Data Storage Blocks

Users have full control over the credential data of DID, ensuring encrypted storage and transmission.

Value of DID for Green Meta:

DID empowers the creation of Green Meta metaverse digital personas: By joining Green Meta and creating an identity, you establish a unique identification through DID technology. DID is indispensable for transitioning from identity markers to myriad manifestations of your alternate self as an exclusive metaverse digital persona.

Diverse Applications of DID in the Green Meta Metaverse: DID technology is utilized for digital identity authentication, digital wallets, digital asset transactions, and more within the Green Meta metaverse. DID serves as an entry point to the digital economic world of Green Meta metaverse, offering vast opportunities for services and scenarios.

2. NFT Assets NFT:

Non-Fungible Token, a trustworthy digital asset with unique characteristics in blockchain networks. It is capable of recording and processing multidimensional and complex attributes of data objects. In the Green Meta metaverse, NFTs are utilized for metaverse trees, virtual land, digital artworks, and digital assets.

Characteristics of Green Meta NFTs:

• Data Source Features: The Green Meta NFT collection, comprising DID, manages various growth data, establishing a distinct data source.

• Growth Potential: NFTs possess inherent growth attributes. For instance, the more trees planted on a land, the higher its growth index. NFTs also exhibit growth based on community contributions. A flourishing community fosters faster NFT growth. Furthermore, industry empowerment contributes to NFT growth. Having head NFTs enhances the growth of your NFTs.

• Economic Viability: As the data source expands and NFTs mature, they become increasingly scarce, leading to higher value and prices. Scarcer NFTs also attract more airdrops and industry empowerment opportunities, providing significant economic value to holders.

• Digital Identity Authentication

• Ownership of Digital Trees

• Ownership of Virtual Land

• Ownership of Other Virtual Assets

3. DAO Organization Organizational

Management of Green Meta: DAO

DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a form of organization derived from the core concept of blockchain (a collaborative behavior spontaneously generated by a group reaching a consensus). It is a product of blockchain technology addressing trust issues among individuals.

Characteristics of Green Meta DAO Organization:

• Clear Common Goals: To become the benchmark for carbon-neutral metaverse digital economies.

• Transparent Decision-Making Process: Opinions are expressed through voting.

•Technical Support: Comprehensive technical support including smart contract development and execution, maintenance, and management of blockchain networks.

• Community Governance Mechanisms: Governance mechanisms encompass elections, voting, rewards, ensuring DAO autonomy and stability.

• Autonomy of Members: The common belief and values of all members are guided by Green Meta's goals.

• Collaborative Development of Members: DAO members contribute their resources, capital, and skills to empower DAO development and collectively construct the Green Meta DAO Organization.

Phase 2: Green Meta Ecosystem - Business and Applications

Keywords of this phase: Social, Web3 Games, Education, Philanthropy

Based on the development of Green Meta Metaverse and DAO Organization, a consensus group with strong brand influence and community foundation will be gathered.

Green Meta Metaverse will launch digital-human interactive social scenes, engaging Web3 games, an environmental academy within the metaverse, and global carbon-neutral philanthropic initiatives.

Green Meta aims to explore comprehensive business applications and develop a carbon-neutral metaverse economy, leveraging the potential of carbon-neutral initiatives to become a leader in the digital economy era.

4. Digital-Human Interactive Social Scenes

Social interaction is an inherent attribute deeply ingrained in human nature. In the era of Green Meta Metaverse, users from around the world can share time and space, break the constraints of physical distance, and engage in real-time social interactions. For example, we can gather in a metaverse bar for a drink, attend a virtual concert together, join parties, or travel together.

When most social needs of humans are fulfilled through the metaverse, it will greatly reduce the need for physical travel, lower energy consumption in the real world, and contribute to carbon neutrality.

5. Engaging Web3 Games

Play games, save the planet. Green Meta Metaverse will continuously release a variety of engaging Web games, with the core focus on game scenarios designed around "green actions." For example, users can engage in activities such as managing virtual businesses, leasing virtual land, planting carbon trees, witnessing tree growth, earning carbon points, trading carbon credits, and contributing to carbon neutrality. Through gaming, serious topics such as carbon neutrality become lively and immersive, enabling users to learn about the importance of carbon neutrality and experience the refreshing beauty of a green world.

6. Education: Environmental Academy in the Metaverse

Education is the greatest catalyst for human progress and development, shaping our collective understanding and changing the direction of the world.

Green Meta's Environmental Academy in the metaverse aims to contribute to green actions in this world by providing various engaging educational methods that cover concepts such as carbon neutrality, the metaverse, environmental conservation, and the global community's shared destiny. The academy will disseminate knowledge in areas like environmental sustainability, technological innovations, economic behaviors, and development patterns.

7. Carbon-Neutral Philanthropic Initiatives

The low-carbon environmental conservation sector requires the involvement of influential forces to break barriers and achieve mainstream recognition. Leveraging its community advantages, technological strengths, and experience, Green Meta's New World in the metaverse will launch philanthropic initiatives focused on "carbon neutrality" on a global scale.

Phase 3: Green Meta Digital Economy - Economy and Governance

8. Enterprise Carbon Data Management Scene

The enterprise carbon data management scene in Green Meta Metaverse is designed to create a blockchain-based carbon data center for businesses.

With the carbon neutrality goals set by countries worldwide, carbon emission data has become one of the core data for enterprise development. This scene aims to:

• Provide carbon data assessment solutions and customized carbon data management plans to assist businesses in transforming into low-carbon enterprises.

• Support on-chain recording of carbon data for businesses and provide carbon data analysis reports to help businesses optimize their operations continuously.

• Utilize metaverse big data to rank businesses' low-carbon levels from various dimensions, enabling businesses to gain self-awareness, industry comparisons, and industry-wide perspectives on low-carbon practices.

9. Enterprise Carbon Data Credit Scene

The enterprise carbon data credit scene in Green Meta Metaverse is based on the generation of credible enterprise carbon credit reports within the carbon data management scene. These reports serve as trusted reports on the low-carbon capabilities of enterprises, reducing their carbon cost.

10. Digital Derivative DEX

The digital derivative DEX in Green Meta Metaverse is a decentralized exchange built on blockchain technology, including modules for carbon asset trading, NFT trading, carbon credit and carbon offset trading, and carbon financial derivatives. It provides the optimal platform for liquidity provision of low-carbon value.

• Carbon Asset DEX: This module facilitates the trading and liquidity provision for Green Meta Metaverse's native tokens and tokens from various ecosystem applications.

• NFT Trading: This module enables the trading and liquidity provision for NFTs such as carbon trees, virtual land, and virtual pets within Green Meta Metaverse.

• Carbon Credit, Carbon Offset, and Carbon Financial Derivatives DEX: This module establishes a data interchange hub for enterprise carbon data recorded on the blockchain. Enterprises can achieve value interchange and flow in the DEX, bringing investment and financing channels and promoting the development of low-carbon enterprises.

Phase 4: Green Meta New World - Carbon Neutrality Metaverse Digital Economy Benchmark

11. Collaborating with Other Metaverse Societies

Based on the digital economy, Green Meta gradually forms a human society that integrates virtual and physical realms. This society extends its reach by collaborating with various metaverse societies developed through technology and DAO governance. It aims to achieve technological convergence, cultural fusion, and jointly create a new integrated era for metaverse societies.

12. Empowering Global Environmental Carbon Neutrality Business

Green Meta's Metaverse New World, leveraging its community advantages, technological strengths, and experience, aims to empower organizations, regions, and countries worldwide in their efforts towards environmental carbon neutrality.

Green Meta's Metaverse New World, leveraging its community advantages, technological strengths, and experience, collaborates with global organizations or regions committed to "environmental carbon neutrality." It provides customized metaverse carbon neutrality solutions based on the respective political systems, infrastructure, livelihood, funding, and resources of the organizations and regions. This cooperation plays a positive role in promoting carbon neutrality development, improving quality of life, and creating a sustainable living environment in relevant countries and regions.

Green Meta: Embrace the Trend and Take the Lead

Seizing the opportunity, going with the trend

The sustainable development of human civilization faces severe environmental challenges, with carbon neutrality goals and carbon tax reforms on the agenda of major world powers. Carbon neutrality is a survival objective, while the metaverse represents the technological trend. The convergence of these two forces creates a benchmark for carbon neutrality and the metaverse digital economy.

Elite Team, Aggregating Resources

Backed by internationally renowned initiators and supporting institutions, Green Meta has an experienced founding executive team and a consultant advisory team with a global perspective. It has attracted investments from numerous institutions and individuals with top international financial resources. The future is promising.

Public Chain Foundation, Technological Leadership

The underlying public chain, Pantanal, is derived from the Ethereum blockchain, inheriting both technological strength and innovative consensus mechanisms, gas fees, and more. It provides a solid foundation for realizing the Green Meta business ecosystem.

Clear Strategy, Strong Execution

Green Meta's development strategy spans four stages, from DID, NFT to socializing, gaming, education, public welfare, and further to carbon data management credit and carbon digital derivative DEX. The plan is clear and well-defined, and execution is solid and robust.

Innovative Design, Full of Fun

The convergence of carbon neutrality and metaverse energy has brought forth various interesting gameplay aspects of DID and NFT, allowing users to experience joy and wealth in carbon asset trading, ecological application gameplay, and digital derivative trading.

Green Meta:Magnificent Journey, Changing the World

Green Meta becomes the benchmark of digital economy in carbon neutrality and the metaverse.

The metaverse and carbon neutrality are grand and are about to sweep across all levels and dimensions of the global economy, industries, and society. This epic leap and economic restructuring of human civilization will change many basic norms that were once taken for granted. Its magnitude, scope, and profound impact surpass all previous transformations. Green Meta invites you to participate, seize the opportunity, and change the world!

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