What is Green Meta?

Green Meta is a digital economic world focused on driving humanity's carbon neutrality goals through metaverse applications.

In the face of the grand goal of sustainable development for human civilization, Green Meta is dedicated to deeply exploring the potential of blockchain and metaverse technologies. It aims to build a high-throughput and high-scalability ecosystem public chain, create a new metaverse DAO, business ecosystem, and economic governance mechanisms. By establishing a benchmark carbon-neutral digital economic world, Green Meta aims to assist humanity in achieving the grand vision of carbon neutrality.

The early evangelization team of Green Meta, driven by a pursuit of environmental protection, belief in carbon neutrality, and a vision for a better human life, actively promotes the mission and vision of Green Meta's carbon-neutral metaverse in major countries and regions worldwide. They have influenced and united a group of highly accomplished consensus builders to participate in and drive the construction of Green Meta DAO organization, ecological business and applications, and digital economic governance mechanisms. Their goal is to help Green Meta become a benchmark in the digital economy of carbon-neutral metaverse .

  • Initiating Institution: Carbon Emissions Research Laboratory (CERL)

  • Supporting Organization: Blockchain Ireland

Early project advisors:

• Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Professor of Computer Engineering Science at the University of Toronto and IEEE Fellow

• Prof. Alex Preda, Professor at King's College London and Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago

Early project investors:

• Victor Lee, Partner at global asset management giant Franklin Templeton

• Larry Chiang, Executive Chairman of Forbes Global Alliance

Investment institutions:

• Sullivan Family Fund (USA)

• Showbiz Times Holdings Limited (listed under the code 1849)

Initiating Institution

Carbon Emissions Research Laboratory (CERL)

ERL is a specialized institution dedicated to carbon emissions research. Its main objectives include assessing and understanding the impacts of carbon emissions on climate change and the environment, as well as providing scientific evidence for policy formulation and implementation. The laboratory focuses on carbon emissions monitoring and measurement, carbon emission source analysis, carbon reduction technology research and development, climate policy analysis, and more.

It collaborates with governments, academia, industries, and other research institutions to provide professional carbon emissions research services and policy recommendations. Its research findings and data are widely used in international climate change negotiations and environmental protection decision-making, playing a crucial role in promoting a low-carbon economy and sustainable development.

Supporting Organization

Blockchain Ireland

Blockchain Ireland, also known as the Blockchain Association of Ireland, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a platform for promoting collaboration and communication on blockchain technology among businesses, academia, and government sectors in Europe. Its goal is to drive the application and development of the blockchain industry in Europe.

As an influential blockchain industry association in the European and American regions, Blockchain Ireland highly praises Green Meta's integration of the concepts of "metaverse + carbon neutrality + DAO." It actively participates in and supports the project's development, continuously promoting Green Meta's innovations and applications within its member organizations, cooperative entities, and industry events.

Founding Executive Team

1. CMO: Samuel C. Greenwood

Graduated from Queensland University of Technology in Australia with a major in International Business Studies.

Formerly part of the early-stage venture capital team at CryptoBLK, specializing in investment analysis, marketing strategies, and market promotion in the blockchain and Web3 space.

2. COO: William Martin

Graduated from Wharton School of Business at Penn State University in the United States, specializing in strategic planning and global operations.

Studied at Sun Yat-sen University in China, familiar with the Chinese cultural environment and language.

Early-stage Advisors

1. Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen

Professor of Computer Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.

Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Leads the Middleware Systems Research Group (msrg.org), focusing on blockchain, middleware systems, and big data systems. Received the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Professorship award.

2. Prof. Alex Preda

Professor at King's Business School, University of London

Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago.

Main research interests include global financial markets, innovative finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, decision-making and cognitive processes in electronic anonymous markets. An internationally renowned financial sociologist.

Investment Institutions/Individuals

1. Project Investment Institution: Sullivan Family Fund (United States)

The Sullivan family holds a significant position in the history of American cultural development. They own a television and broadcasting station (Game Creek Video) that covers over 3,000 hot events annually.

2. Project Investment Institution: Showtime Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1849)

As one of the earliest participants in online marketing services in Singapore, the company ranks first among all online marketing service providers in Singapore. It was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019.

3. Early-stage Investor: Victor Lee

Partner at the global asset management giant Franklin Templeton.

4. Early-stage Investor: Larry Chiang

Chairman of the Forbes Global Alliance.

Environmental Partners

Metaverse Partners

In addition, the following industry partners are providing technical, application and even global implementation support for Green Meta in the process of metaverse implementation.

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