Ecological Composition

Green Meta is one of the leaders in the field of carbon-neutral metaverse. It is creating a comprehensive carbon-neutral metaverse ecosystem integration through the fusion application of blockchain technology, interactivity, game engine and twin engine technology, artificial intelligence, comprehensive intelligent network technology, and Internet of Things (IoT) (BIGANT). This ecosystem includes carbon-neutral metaverse, NFT, Web3 games, cloud applications, data exchange, IoT, decentralized governance, distributed digital identity, social interaction, education, enterprise carbon data management, digital derivative DEX, public welfare, and public utilities.

Through the synergistic application of multiple ecosystems, Green Meta will actively work towards achieving carbon neutrality goals and ultimately establish an environmentally focused carbon-neutral metaverse system. It will be:

• A trustless and highly decentralized carbon-neutral metaverse infrastructure.

• A carbon-neutral incentive network based on blockchain technology.

• A powerful tool in collaboration with governments and social organizations to establish a carbon-neutral ecosystem and promote the development of metaverse ecological civilization.

• A platform that helps environmental conservation efforts overcome trust concerns, aggregates environmental forces from across society, and co-creates a greener Earth.

Currently, globally, the trading between blockchain projects across platforms is cumbersome and inefficient, leading to a lack of interoperability and sharing of user traffic between platforms. This directly hinders the breadth and depth of blockchain applications. Green Meta utilizes BIGANT to help achieve carbon neutrality goals and provide new solutions for the ecosystem products of the carbon-neutral metaverse. It creates an exclusive green economy integrated platform for environmental enthusiasts.

Furthermore, in the process of realizing the carbon-neutral metaverse, Green Meta will rely on the technical advantages of the Pantanal public chain to build commercial-grade blockchain products, industry solutions, and diverse applications based on the parallel world of the metaverse. It provides a high-performance, highly scalable aggregation platform for the parallel world of the metaverse, capable of quickly constructing upper-layer application business to meet the requirements of large-scale user populations in metaverse application scenarios.

With the support of the Pantanal public chain's underlying technology, the Green Meta metaverse parallel world can provide developers on DAPP with user-friendly and comprehensive blockchain gaming infrastructure, including visual development kits and on-chain ecological environments. Developers can directly and graphically complete application development in a low-threshold, fast, and efficient manner without having to focus on the implementation of blockchain technology.

Green Meta is opening the doors between the virtual and real worlds, whether from virtual to real or from real to virtual, with the aim of helping users achieve more authentic experiences. It provides a data-transparent, rule-transparent, fair, just, and open ecosystem environment that is free from backend manipulation and malicious inducements. Green Meta hopes that users, investors, clients, and even partners can preserve their assets in a long-term, secure, and decentralized manner. Additionally, through the carbon-neutral metaverse model, Green Meta aims to facilitate the value explosion of the digital asset economy model, ensuring better alignment of interests for users, investors, clients, partners, and developers.

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