Functional Component Composition

Green Meta will provide, but not limited to, the following component support:

• A multi-application runtime environment with interoperable interfaces with blockchain systems.

• Interactivity technology model, reflecting the user's ability to interact with objects within the simulated environment and the naturalness of feedback received from the environment.

• A test chain with efficient artificial intelligence (AI) network and high-speed contract virtual machine.

• Cross-chain acceptance gateway supporting homogeneous and non-fungible digital assets.

• Enhanced comprehensive intelligent network technology (Network) permission system.

• Internet of Things (IoT) technology capable of continuous execution across blocks.

• Atomic DID transaction operations.

• Support for syntax-level consensus tasks.

• Small-scale consensus and random numbers.

• Support for endogenous trusted random processes.

• Support for extremely short on-chain transaction confirmation periods.

• Support for on-chain precise timers, support for Standby mode, and contract execution modes with personalized support.

• Transaction verification mechanisms to prevent BP/developer cheating.

Additionally, Green Meta will provide, but not limited to, the following functionalities:

• Interfaces for intermediary asset operations.

• Examples of non-fungible asset circulation platforms.

• Support for player autonomy and DApp mechanisms.

• Visual IDE (including visual editing of games, social programs, and contracts).

• Complete wallet, user system, and asset browser.

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