"1+N" Multi-Coin Gas Payment Mechanism

The Pantanal public chain pioneers the "1+N" multi-coin gas payment mechanism by modifying the underlying Gas mechanism. This allows any token issued on the public chain to be used as gas fees for miners, replacing the traditional mechanism where only the native token of the public chain can be used for gas payments.


• Ecological applications no longer need to consider gas fees, resulting in low economic costs and making the Pantanal public chain the preferred choice for application projects.

• Tokens issued on the Pantanal public chain can directly participate in on-chain activities as gas, increasing token circulation and enabling application projects to not only gain economic potential but also exert a sense of ownership to drive ecological development.

• Application projects can airdrop tokens to any consensus group of users within the Pantanal public chain ecosystem, allowing users to participate in projects with "0 gas" and greatly reducing user acquisition costs while improving efficiency, leading to ecological prosperity.

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