Green Meta Introduces NFTs

In the Green Meta metaverse, NFTs are used for various purposes such as virtual land, digital artworks, and digital assets.

Key Features of Green Meta NFTs:

• Data Source Characteristics: NFTs' decentralized identifiers (DIDs) manage various growth data, creating unique data sources for each NFT.

• Inherent Growth: NFTs possess inherent growth based on factors such as the number of trees planted on virtual land, community contributions, and industry empowerment. The more prosperous the community and the stronger the industry empowerment, the faster the NFT's growth.

• Economic Value: As the data source expands and the NFT itself grows, scarcity increases, leading to higher value and prices. Scarce NFTs also attract more opportunities for speculation and industry empowerment, resulting in significant economic value for holders.

NFTs Empower Identity Verification in Green Meta:

• Digital Identity Authentication: NFTs associated with digital identities enable secure and trustworthy authentication, protecting personal privacy and preventing identity theft.

• Ownership of Digital Assets: By representing digital assets as NFTs, ownership confirmation and transfer of digital assets are facilitated, ensuring their value and security.

• Ownership of Virtual Land: Virtual land in the Green Meta metaverse is a valuable asset, and NFTs ensure its uniqueness and reliability.

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