Green Meta Interactive Technology Applications

Green Meta's interactive technology empowers carbon neutrality:

• Through the Green Meta metaverse conference room, the average emissions reduction per online meeting is 27.932 kg CO2 equivalent per session, and the emissions reduction per person per online meeting is 2.202 kg CO2 equivalent.

• Innovative industrial solutions within Green Meta, such as using AR overlays to extract information, will help blockchain-based enterprises improve processes, increase efficiency, and promote carbon reduction.

Green Meta aims to create the ultimate virtual reality center, focusing game players in an immersive and engaging environment. For the first time in history, players can access encrypted information and immersive applications in one place and gain access to various levels of trading resources, virtual business resources, realistic experiences, and anything else imagined through virtual reality experiences. Therefore, Green Meta introduces human consciousness into the virtual world, making the brain believe in the virtual world it has created. In this virtual world:

• Users/players can customize their own avatars, including height, body shape, and appearance.

• Users/players experience a first-person perspective and feel as if they are truly present in the virtual world.

• Visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory senses are all present, providing an experience almost identical to the real world.

• Users/players can engage in various activities, including leisure and entertainment such as gaming, shopping, eating, and dancing, as well as work, business negotiations, relaxation, wandering, idleness, and even things that are impossible in the real world, such as flying and teleportation.

In the future, in the exploration of metaverse construction, Green Meta will go through three stages of interaction. The first stage involves interacting with computers and mobile devices by issuing commands through devices such as mouse, keyboard, and touch control. The second stage involves human-computer interaction and intelligent experiences through gesture interaction, voice interaction, and other technologies. The third stage involves gradually implementing full-body tracking and full-body sensing through virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to achieve better immersive interaction experiences. Green Meta aims to change the world. Additionally, Green Meta's applications will have more support. As a benchmark in the metaverse, Green Meta will provide support for the implementation of various technologies, including AR, MR, XR, ER, and other landing scenarios. It will also provide open interfaces to create a technological foundation for third parties to quickly apply the metaverse, thereby driving the acceleration of the virtual reality era in the metaverse.

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