Green Meta DAO Governance Structure

We will establish the Green Meta DAO Management Committee, responsible for driving various affairs of the DAO. Committee members not only contribute to the development of Green Meta but also have the opportunity to earn additional profit rewards through the implementation of proposals. The management committee consists of four parties: core members, committee members, virtual asset holders, and DAO-decentralized identity holders, jointly governing the community. Any holder of Green Meta-related assets can initiate proposals and vote. In the Green Meta DAO decision-making system, decisions are made through agreement and disagreement, with the majority prevailing. Anyone can submit a DAO application + public vote. This ensures direct and efficient community decision-making. The proposal directions include ecological marketing, technical iterations, audits, airdrops, funding, DAOVault management, and other matters.

1. Member Categories

• Core Members: Green Meta core initiators, technical contributors, etc.

• Committee Members: Early supporters who funded Green Meta can become one of the committee members. Limited to 20 members.

• Virtual Asset Holders: Holders of CCM tokens reaching a certain quantity and eligible to be one of the proposers.

• DAO-Decentralized Identity Holders: Holders of DAO-decentralized identity who hold CCM tokens and contribute to the community, deciding through voting whether they can become proposers.

2. Voting

• Users holding CCM tokens can obtain governance voting rights through staking.

• Users holding newly listed or upcoming projects' tokens can obtain voting rights through staking.

• Users holding DAO-decentralized identity can obtain voting rights.

Green Meta DAO is still in its early stages, and community members are not yet familiar with the DAO governance mechanisms. Therefore, Green Meta adopts the DAO principle of "governance to earn" in the initial stage to encourage and attract more users to actively participate in DAO governance. To participate in DAO governance, players need to stake a certain amount of CCM tokens to obtain voting rights. In return, users can receive rewards during the voting and proposal processes.

• Users staking a certain amount of CCM tokens have the right to initiate proposals. If a majority of staking users agree, the proposal will officially enter the DAO governance stage.

• Each user can contribute a certain amount of CCM tokens per vote, with no upper limit. Green Meta assigns voting weights accordingly, with the proposal having the highest voting weight prevailing.

• After each round of DAO governance, the CCM tokens consumed by the successful proposal with the highest voting weight will be returned to users who voted in favor. The CCM tokens consumed by failed proposals will be fairly distributed among users who participated in successful proposals based on voting weights.

• All participating users can receive a certain amount of CCM token staking rewards.

The parliamentary voting method is adopted to protect DAO members and community nodes. Any community member can act as a proposer. As a voluntary, self-organized, self-governed blockchain community, Green Meta DAO is not a company or entity owned by a few founders and investors, but a borderless organization owned by those who contribute to it. Ownership, power, and control are held by all community members. Everyone can make a contribution regardless of their abilities and experience. Each community member dedicated to development and the shared mission is equal. Community members are welcome to initiate proposals, participate in discussions, and vote on the following platforms.

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