Technical Architecture

Green Meta is developed based on the Pantanal public chain architecture, effectively addressing the increasingly complex demands and enabling rapid iteration of specified functionalities without impacting other module functions. It is a comprehensive technological revolution that combines six key technological pillars: blockchain, interactivity, game engine and twin engine technology, artificial intelligence, comprehensive intelligent network technology, and Internet of Things. These six technologies are creatively combined and abbreviated as BIGANT, also known as the "Great Ant."

At the application layer, Green Meta adopts a top-down design approach. Firstly, it focuses on designing the blockchain protocol to address data standardization and interoperability across multiple chains. Secondly, it defines a component model for general interactivity, game engine, and twin engine technology, achieving loose coupling and plug-and-play capabilities for specific functional components to meet the need for custom extensions in applications. Finally, based on standardized artificial intelligence, comprehensive intelligent network technology, Internet of Things, and component models, it builds carbon-neutral metaverse tools and development kits that meet specific application standards, providing tools for rapidly realizing commercial-grade metaverse applications.

1. Blockchain Protocol

Green Meta relies on the Pantanal public chain to create a blockchain protocol as the top-level architectural design. The blockchain protocol defines the data format standards for blockchain, including ledger state, historical proof, ledger operation set, and contract instruction set.

2. Component Model

The "component model" is the framework model for the logical components of Green Meta, representing the implementation framework for underlying system protocols. It includes components such as network, ledger, persistence engine, and contract engine.

3. Service Model

The "service model" represents the specific implementation of the upper-level blockchain protocol and component model, consisting of gateways, services, node networks, SDKs, and a set of toolkits.

These technological forces are the key drivers of productivity transformation, changes in production relations, societal and era changes, and iterative leaps in civilization. They are the most powerful tools for achieving carbon neutrality and the future of the human community. They empower Green Meta to realize DAO organizational autonomy, develop commercial ecosystems, govern the metaverse's new society, and construct a next-generation hybrid human society.

Ants, though individually low in intelligence, form highly intelligent small societies when they come together. They can regulate temperature, construct complex ant nests, manage fungus farms, tend aphid farms, and form armies. The larger the population, the higher the collective intelligence. In the same way, as technology advances, the intelligence of the Green Meta metaverse increases, providing greater value in enabling carbon neutrality.

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