Innovations of Green Meta

"Playing for the Planet Alliance", an environmental initiative launched by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Green Meta Metaverse constructs a game scenario that promotes "green action" through its game engine.

Users manage different types of land that can be leased and cultivate carbon trees. Carbon trees have growth properties, allowing users to earn carbon credits. These credits can be traded, contributing to carbon neutrality.

Through gameplay mechanics, Green Meta transforms the serious topic of carbon neutrality and environmental protection into a lively and engaging experience, allowing players to personally understand the importance of carbon neutrality through immersive interactions.

Green Meta Metaverse utilizes twin engine technology to assist blockchain-based enterprises in establishing twins (digital representations) that help monitor the operational status of physical entities. It provides guidance on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, thereby ensuring zero-carbon energy security for corporate carbon neutrality efforts.

In the future, to empower users further, Green Meta will provide capabilities for showcasing, sharing, trading, and secondary creations within the metaverse. Examples include:

Showcase: Through VR and AR rendering, users can view more realistic game details. AR allows virtual objects to be overlaid onto the real environment, offering a mixed virtual and real experience similar to the movie "Ready Player One." Virtual l characters can be projected into real life to perform preset actions and interact with elements in the real environment.

• Sharing: Users can project purchased in-game items (such as carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly products) into the real world using AR. Users can interact with virtual avatars and capture photos or videos to share within the community. They can also share their own creations in a similar manner.

• Trading: Game asset holders can generate, mint, list, and trade NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for characters, items, and other components within the game.

• Secondary Creations: For example, in Green Meta, users can customize their virtual character after purchasing a virtual avatar. They can dress the virtual character with their purchased items, creating a unique virtual persona. These secondary creations will have NFT certificates of authenticity and can be traded on the marketplace.

Green Meta aims to make everyone their own master, allowing individuals to freely manage their assets without being monitored, regulated, or restricted by centralized institutions. Therefore, Green Meta will build a game ecosystem based on decentralization, privacy, and fairness, ensuring security and fairness for every player while eliminating the harms of centralization. It will establish a true decentralized ecosystem and value loop, connecting the virtual and real worlds. As the metaverse drives progress in Green Meta, it will create personal environmental value.

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