Advantages of Game Engine

With the integration of the gaming industry and new technologies, game engines are bringing about new heights of development, propelling the industry towards immersive interactive experiences.

As a virtual world parallel to the real world, game engines provide new value propositions to the gaming domain.

• Stable Economic System: Game engines possess economic systems similar to the real world, safeguarding users' virtual rights. Within the metaverse, content is interconnected, and virtual assets created by users can circulate freely outside platform constraints.

• Strong Virtual Identity Affirmation: In game engines, virtual identities exhibit consistency and a high degree of immersion. Users engage in virtual activities within the metaverse using customized virtual avatars, character skins, and unique traits, fostering a sense of uniqueness and immersion.

• Enhanced Social Interactivity: Game engines offer a rich array of online social scenarios, facilitating social interactions among users.

• Open and Creative Environment: Game engines encompass diverse possibilities and rely heavily on user-driven innovation and creation. Such a vast content ecosystem necessitates an open approach to user-generated content.

• Immersive Experiences: Games, as the most interactive and information-rich form of content, serve as the primary focus and medium within game engines. Leveraging VR technology, game engines provide users with sensory-immersive experiences.

The gateway between virtual and real worlds has already opened, aiming to assist users in achieving more authentic experiences. From consumer internet to industrial internet, various application scenarios have emerged. Communication and socialization have become video-based, with the rise of video conferences, live streaming, and cloud gaming.

As widely known, the development trajectory of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 signifies that game engines will undergo a similar process of discovering and validating individual and collective value created on the internet. Web 3.0 will be a crucial component of game engines, emphasizing the rediscovery of individual value as a vital core. Although game engine development is still in its early stages, gaming has already provided us a glimpse into the enticing aspects of this open and interconnected virtual world, where value sharing is paramount. With the power of gaming as a catalyst, any valuable individuals and entities will be discovered, recorded, and duly respected within future game engines.

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