Green Meta Integrated Applications for NFTs

From digital art to virtual real estate, NFTs have consistently led the way. NFT exchanges, NFT collateral protocols, and many other integrated and innovative solutions based on NFTs are gaining more response from the NFT community. To support the high-value circulation of NFT assets, Green Meta will establish a more convenient NFT marketplace where users, projects, and investors can create, trade, auction, and engage in primary and secondary market transactions.

The main components of the Green Meta NFT integrated application system include:

• Establishing a foundational service platform for Green Meta NFTs, providing transaction support for tokenization of physical assets and the digital economy derived from NFTs.

• Providing industry-specific application solutions for Green Meta NFTs, enabling third parties to develop reasonable NFT application models based on their respective industries.

1. NFT Creation

Green Meta aims to empower creators by providing them with a platform for NFT creation. It strives to elevate the creator economy to a new level, allowing artists to enjoy perpetual royalties, revenue sharing, and affordable minting fees. Through innovative underlying systems and cross-chain protocols, Green Meta offers cost-effective, high-performance blockchain technology to global artists and NFT institutions, enabling them to focus on creating artwork and benefiting from the high liquidity of incremental user markets within the NFT wave.

Green Meta serves as an important channel for promoting NFT concepts, market education, and liquidity expansion by connecting NFT artists/institutions with users. It provides a comprehensive experience for artists, regular users, and professional NFT institutions, including platform empowerment, low-cost minting, artwork exhibition, sales, and promotion. It fosters the popularity and promotion of NFTs, exploring the limitless possibilities of NFTs in terms of artistic value and applications, making everyone an NFT artist!

2. Fractionalized NFT Trading

Users can fractionalize their owned NFT assets through Green Meta's fractionalized NFT trading. This model introduces Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and liquidity mining. NFT holders can lock their ERC-721/ERC-1155 standard-based NFTs into smart contracts to create MTokens, which are ERC-20 tokens representing collections of one or more NFTs, with the issuance determined by the creator.

Buyers can purchase MTokens to gain partial ownership of the NFT collections (based on the number of MTokens held). NFT collectors can bid on individual NFTs within the collections, and MToken holders vote on whether to accept the highest bid. When a certain percentage of votes (set by the creator during MToken creation) agree to accept the highest bid, the NFT is unlocked, and the highest bidder can claim the NFT, while the MToken holders receive a proportional share of the proceeds from the NFT sale. MTokens essentially provide holders with governance tokens that grant voting rights and profit sharing. To maximize their earnings, this model incentivizes MToken holders to actively participate in voting when the bid for the NFT collection reaches the expected valuation. MToken holders are also motivated to promote the collection to attract higher bids for the NFTs.

3. NFT Auctions

Green Meta aims to create an ecosystem for auctioning NFT items and valuable products, providing a reliable business model and platform for artists, gamers, investors, and collectors. The Green Meta NFT auction is a DApp developed on the Ethereum network, offering infrastructure for NFT creation, trading, and circulation. Green Meta also establishes a dedicated NFT investor protection fund that supports various aspects, including investing in and acquiring NFT platforms and artworks, incubating top-tier NFT artists, bridging traditional top-tier artists to the NFT space, sponsoring art museums, organizing art exhibitions or publications, establishing awards, supporting art creation and criticism, and building relevant art collections.

4. Primary and Secondary Market Trading

Green Meta assists quality projects, users, investors, and related institutions in primary issuance, trading, and circulation of NFT assets. Through Green Meta, users or players can purchase NFTs before they enter the secondary market, allowing them to obtain better entry prices or priority access to projects. For example, users can participate directly in market subscriptions on the Green Meta platform to obtain better entry prices or earlier project experiences. In terms of secondary market liquidity, the Green Meta secondary market relies on its large community traffic to help users address liquidity issues. On the Green Meta platform, buyers and sellers can freely trade on the NFT secondary market.

Lastly, Green Meta places significant emphasis on a mobile strategy. We will collaborate with third-party developers to support DApp applications and provide mobile smart contract services. We encourage third-party developers to join us in developing end-to-end blockchain services, collectively promoting the implementation of blockchain technology in the global community and the NFT trading field.

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