Core advantages

Green Meta DAO, as a decentralized autonomous organization, is a technical tool written in code and running on the blockchain. It is also a novel governance institution that achieves openness, fairness, non-interference, and autonomous operation without a legal entity.

1. Maximizing Resource Utilization

Green Meta DAO stores all content in a decentralized storage network, ensuring transparency and immutability. Anyone can review rule changes and schedule resources without the need for time-consuming reviews.

2. Facilitating Innovative Development

Within Green Meta DAO, individuals can freely express their opinions on the blockchain, allowing others to see and engage with them. Users can conveniently and promptly participate in Green Meta's development matters, driving project innovation and growth.

3. Enhancing Result Trustworthiness

The use of distributed ledgers in Green Meta DAO ensures that each vote is transparently recorded on the blockchain, eliminating the need for manual vote counting and ensuring immediate trustworthiness.

4. Transparency and Accessibility

Transparency is a critical component of good governance as it helps build trust in Green Meta DAO. Without genuine transparency in open discussions, voting, and funding, the platform may face oligopolistic politics or systemic fraud. In the governance of Green Meta DAO, this includes binding discussions and statements to specific individual wallet addresses for tracking. Furthermore, it involves thorough discussions and communication of all activities conducted by the Green Meta DAO community and its leaders. The demand for transparency will increase as Green Meta grows. In the early stages, core Green Meta community members can act while not excluding anyone, and although the forum is open, not every address can be traced. Establishing transparent forums and communication channels becomes crucial as the number of members grows to 50-100.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages in Green Meta DAO is the ease of access. Many people are unfamiliar with purchasing cryptocurrencies or setting up wallets, let alone browsing governance forums, snapshot voting, and on-chain governance. Additionally, many communities have token requirements for creating proposals. Furthermore, the gas cost for on-chain voting in Green Meta DAO is very low.

5. Continuous Revenue and Value Creation

As a decentralized autonomous community with years of experience in the blockchain field, Green Meta DAO leads the industry in continuous innovation and development. Participants in the DAO will be the owners and managers of the entire Green Meta network ecosystem. The DAO calculates ownership based on participants' ownership of CCM tokens and distributes decision-making power proportionally. Token ownership represents voting rights within the DAO.

Green Meta DAO encodes its management and operational rules in smart contracts on the blockchain, ensuring fairness and quickly gaining popularity and consensus. All community members can vote to decide how Green Meta DAO operates and contribute to the platform's empowerment through incentivization mechanisms.

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