Green Meta DID

Users can utilize DID (Decentralized Identifiers) technology for high-level secure identity identification and verification to enter the Green Meta metaverse DAO organization and have a unique digital persona system and NFT.

Characteristics of DID in Green Meta:

• Quantifiable data nature: DID possesses various parameters of an identity card, allowing you to manage your virtual identity through data.

• Identity growth and advancement: The parameters of the identity card in DID have changing and evolving characteristics, gradually growing into a better virtual self based on your contributions to the community.

• Web3 domain features: Web3 domains serve as the foundation of DID, incorporating information such as collection addresses, user accounts, aggregating user data, accessing DApps supported by the domain, and social account nicknames. When the data collected by DID is sufficient, it can be used as an independent domain, enabling integration with APIs and more.

• Personal privacy data stored in blocks: DID's credential data is completely controlled by users, encrypted for storage and transmission.

Value of DID for Green Meta:

• DID empowers the creation of Green Meta's metaverse digital persona: By joining Green Meta and creating an identity, you achieve a unique identity through DID technology. From identity markers to the diverse manifestations of your virtual self (exclusive metaverse digital persona), all rely on DID technology.

• DID applied in various scenarios within Green Meta metaverse: DID technology is essential for digital identity authentication, digital wallets, digital asset transactions, and other scenarios in the Green Meta metaverse. It enables identity verification without disclosing personal sensitive information, enhancing the overall experience.

• DID serves as the gateway to Green Meta's digital economy: Within the digital economic structure of Green Meta metaverse, DID has vast potential to provide more services and scenarios. It serves as a foundation for a wide range of opportunities.

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